How To Logout Phonepe From All Device

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Digital payments and financial services startup PhonePe are based in Bangalore, India and operates in the country. Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer started PhonePe in December 2015. When the PhonePe app was launched in August 2016, it was based on the Unified Payments Interface. People all over the world use Phonepe to make online payments, and it is a payment service that millions of people use to make payments. Despite the fact that this program allows you to sign in with many accounts at the same time, there is no way to log out of a specific account from within the interface itself. Is it possible to log out of the Phonepe application while it is running? From how to log out of your Phonepe account from all devices to why you should deactivate a bank account and how to go about it, the material in today’s post will cover a wide range of issues. It is expected that you will be able to accomplish all of these tasks with relative ease by the time you have finished reading this article.

Founded December 2015
CEO Sameer Nigam
Revenue 6.9 billion INR
Users 280 million
Parent organization Flipkart
Headquarters location Bengluru, India


How To Logout Phonepe From All Device

You must log out of your phonePe account in order to use the PhonePe Logout feature. Using your PhonePe account after you’ve logged out of it is completely safe. Consequently, you must log out of any application when you’re done using it.

PhonePe is mostly used to pay and receive money, but it may also be used to earn money in a variety of ways. Recharge your phone, DTH, and more with Bill Pay. Can accomplish a lot of different things.

Let us know how you plan to exit PhonePe now.

  1. First and foremost, open your phone’s account and look for the options shown in the image.
  2. As stated in the picture above, you must now click on your profile symbol, which indicates that you must click on your photo.
  3. In the third step, you’ll view your whole profile when you click on your profile.
  4. After you’ve seen your entire profile, scroll up and down until you find the Logout link at the bottom of this page, as seen in the image.
  5. When you click this logout link, a pop-up window will appear with two options: Yes and No.
  6. For this step to work, you must select “Yes” because if you don’t, your PhonePe Account will be deleted from all connected devices.

How to remove bank accounts from PhonePe

Take a look at this guide to get started with PhonePe:

  1.  Open the PhonePe app on your phone
  2.  From there, navigate to the My Account area.
  3.  Select a bank account from the drop-down menu.
  4. This is the final step, which displays all of your linked bank accounts. In order to delete an account, click on it.
  5. Next, you’ll see a pop-up box appear. Unlink can be found here.
  6. There is no longer an account associated with this PhonePe.

Why do PhonePe Logout?

PhonePe Logout: What’s the Deal? Knowing that only after this question is answered will you be able to remember to log out of your phone as well.

Anybody who can open your phonepe account and use it without logging out is able to utilize your bank account as well as your wallet balance if you don’t log out of your phonepe after using it.

PhonePe Logout, however, prevents anyone from accessing your account because he doesn’t have the password. Ensures his or her own safety and security.

The importance of PhonePe Logout should now be clear to you so we hope you can log out PhonePe now.

Questions and Answers

1) What happens when you log out of PhonePe?
Ans Your account is secure again as soon as you log out of PhonePe. As a result, a third party cannot gain access to the account.

2) What happens if I don’t log out of PhonePe when I’m done with it?
Ans Trying to accomplish anything like this isn’t going to be as simple as you think. Then then, don’t forget to log out of your account every time. In order to avoid data leaks, this is necessary.

3) Is it safe to use PhonePe to make payments?
Ans. Yes, it’s completely safe to do so. Anyone can be paid using this.


Final Verdict.

Friends, that concludes today’s instruction on how to exit Phonepe. Thanks for reading. As a result, I hope you’ve successfully logged out of your PhonePe account using your mobile device. I hope you found today’s post interesting. If you found this post interesting today, you might want to share it with your friends so that they can learn more about the subject. You can leave a comment on this post if you have any questions or concerns about it, and we’ll try our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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