Top 5 Best Games like Free Fire Max for Low End Device (2GB RAM)

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In this article, I will be showing you a list of the Top 5 Best Games like Free Fire MAX for low-end devices. If you have a low-end smartphone then don’t worry there are plenty of games like Free Fire that you can run on your Android smartphone.

Currently, in the world of gaming, battel royale is the genre that is on the trending list, in recent years we have seen lots of battle royale games coming out and surprisingly all of them are performing very well. Talking about top battle royale games, Garena Free Fire is among the top battle royale games that are available in the online market.

One of the reasons behind the success of Free Fire is its optimization for low-end smartphones. If you remember when PUBG was released, it wasn’t really playable on devices having low-end specs and that was the reason why so many players who were having a low-end smartphone shifted towards Free Fire.

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Free Fire is well optimized for low-end smartphones and anyone who has a device with 2GB of RAM can easily run free fire, however, users think that free fire is the only game that is playable on low-end smartphones but let me be clear you one thing, you are wrong. There are still many games like Free Fire that work pretty well on a low-end smartphone.

I have seen this confusion between users that they think other than Free Fire there are no games that they can play on their low-end smartphone. Well, just to clear this confusion, I am today here presenting you the top 5 games like Garena Free Fire Max.

So now without wasting any further time, let’s start the guide where I am going to list out my top 5 Free Fire alternatives or games like free fire in 2022.

Games like Free Fire Max

Top 5 Best Games Like Free Fire

Pubg Mobile Lite

I don’t think if this one needs any introduction, after looking at the scenario where users were unable to play PUBG on their low-end smartphone, developers of PubG came up with the solution and they released the PUBG Lite version for those who want to PUBG feel on their low-end smartphone.

You won’t believe but this game is so much better than some other battle royale games, anyone who has a low-end device should definitely consider downloading this game. Graphics and all are top-notch in this game and you won’t even realize that you are playing the Lite version of PUBG because the optimization is done so great that playing this game feels like playing a normal version of PUBG.

Free Fire

As I just said, Fre Fire Max is the advanced version of Garena Free Fire and if you ask me then I can’t notice any difference between these two. I have played both of these games and in some cases, free fire works better than Free Fire MAX. The reason behind it is that because Free Fire MAX requires a high-end GPU, CPU, and RAM but that’s not the case with Free Fire.

Free Fire is easily playable on a low-end smartphone, if you have a device with less than 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM then don’t worry you guys can still enjoy playing your favorite Free Fire on your smartphone. All you gotta do is download the normal Free Fire instead of Free Fire Max.

PUBG new State

Recently released PUBG New State is another franchise under the PUBG mobile game, however, this version of PUBG is obviously more interesting as it has a better map and better graphics. When PUBG announced the PUBG New State version, users were thinking that it would be the same as the PUBG, and they thought they can’t really play this game on a low-end smartphone.

However, things turned out to be completely opposite, PUBG’s new state is a well-optimized game and it works pretty well even on low-end smartphones. If you have a device with 3GB of RAM then I think you won’t face any lag issue or whatever. Even smartphones having 2GB RAM or less can enjoy the PUBG new state game on their device, as this version doesn’t demand high-end specifications.

Mask Gun

Most of you may not know about this game but let me tell you this game is one of my favorite when it comes to online multiplayer shooting games. If you are a fan of free fire then I am more than sure that you gonna love this game a lot. You can play this game with your friends and enjoy a good time with them.

This game isn’t very heavy and doesn’t demand a very high-end specification to run. This game is like a gem for those who are using a low-end smartphone. I have personally tested this game on my old 2GB RAM smartphone and it worked like a charm there.

This game is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Hero Hunter

Hero Hunter, yet another third-person action multiplayer shooting game where you have to work in a team, you have to lead your team and act as a leader. You can play this game with your friends and family members, in this game you have to create a team and kill all the opponents. Sometimes the situation gets so intense that you will understand only when you start playing this game.

The real deal about this game is that it is well optimized for low-end smartphone devices like Oppo and Vivo. You can play this game even on smartphones having less than 3GB of RAM.

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